Fluke VT04A Visual IR Thermometer

Compact and intuitive, the VT04A and VT04 Visual IR Thermometers blend a visual image with a heat map overlay, to help quickly identify the location of issues.





For ultimate portability, that comes with a soft case and 4 AA batteries that are easy to change in the field. If you prefer a Li-ion rechargeable battery and a hard case

Do more with VT04. See more, find more, prove more.

See issues in context by blending the infrared heat map with the visual image, and get the detail you need by choosing one of five on screen blending modes.

Quickly identify the location of the issue – NEAR or FAR mode automatically aligns the visual and thermal lenses – even from as close as 15 cm (6 in).

Capture accurate temperature readings without taking your eyes off the screen. The center measurement box shows the exact area of temperature measurement. Fill the center box with your target and rest assured you’re not measuring the background.

25% heat map50% heat map75% heat map
These blended VT04 images show the breaker number that is hot. The on screen center box clearly outlines the temperature measurement area.

Find more. Identify intermittent problems.

Identify intermittent problems by monitoring equipment over time or get alerts when a temperature is outside the expected range with temperature alarms and automated monitoring features.

Instantly identify the hottest and coldest spots within the field of view with hot and cold markers.

Prove more. Optimize, analyze and report.

VT04 images can be taken in either .bmp or .is2 format. With an .is2 image, you can do the following in SmartView® software:

  • Optimize the visible and infrared heat map blending to any level
  • Add or remove the center marker and hot and cold markers
  • Change the emissivity and background temperature
  • Generate a professional report that can easily be edited



  • Visual image and infrared heat map blending – Identify the exact location of the potential issue by blending the visual image with the heat map overlay at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% infrared with one button
  • NEAR and FAR mode – Align the visual and thermal lenses to correctly identify the location of the issue
  • Center measurement box – See the exact area of temperature measurement right on the screen
  • Temperature alarms and automated monitoring features – Identify intermittent problems by monitoring equipment over time or get alerts when a temperature is outside the expected range
  • Hot and cold markers – Instantly identify hottest and coldest spots within the field of view
  • Save in .bmp or .is2 format – Choose .bmp when all you want is the image, or use .is2 format that can be edited in SmartView® software
  • SmartView® reporting software – Optimize the image blending and palette and quickly create professional reports
  • Pocket-size design – Handy when you need it; easily fits in your tool bag or pocket
  • Intuitive interface – Get to work as soon as you take it out of the box
  • Hard or soft case – Protect your visual IR thermometer with a soft case (VT04A) or hard case (VT04)
  • Battery choices – Choose your preferred way of powering your visual IR thermometer: 4 AA batteries (VT04A) or a rechargeable Li-ion battery (VT04)



Built-in visual cameraYes, get the context of visible light details in your images
Infrared heat map and visual image blendingYes, five blending modes on camera and continuous blending in SmartView® software
Alignment optionsNEAR: <23 cm (9 in) from target
FAR: >23 cm (9 in) from target
Field of view28° x 28° — the tight field of view lets you see more detail in your target
Temperature measurement range-10 °C to +250 °C (14 °F to 482 °F)
Focus systemFocus free
High/low temperature alarmsYes, high and low temperature alarms flash whenever the temperature threshold is exceeded, alerting you when a temperature is outside the expected range
Time-lapse image captureYes, automatically capture images at set intervals to see how temperature patterns change over time
Auto-monitor alarmYes, gain insight into intermittent problems by automatically capturing images when your selected temperature threshold is exceeded
Hot and cold markersYes, instantly identify the hottest and coldest spots in your image
SoftwareProfessional SmartView® software enables you to optimize and analyze images, create quick reports and export images to multiple formats
Temperature measurement areaCenter measurement box on screen shows the exact area the measurement is based on
File format.bmp or .is2. The .is2 is editable in SmartView® software
Storage medium4 GB micro-SD card that stores up to 9,999 images
Palettes6 on the unit (Ironbow VT, Hot Metal, Greyscale Inverted, Greyscale, High Contrast VT, Rainbow); 4 additional in SmartView® Software (Blue Red, High Contrast, Amber, Amber Inverted). Palette on .is2 images can be changed in SmartView® software.
CaseVT04: Hard case
VT04A: Soft case for portability
Battery typeVT04: Li-ion rechargeable
VT04A: Four (4) AA batteries
Battery lifeEight (8) hours
Battery-saving featuresThree screen brightness levels; auto screen dimming after 2 minutes; configurable auto-off time of 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes
ErgonomicsSlim, lightweight, pocket-sized design


Model NameDescription
FLK-VT04Fluke VT04 Visual IR Thermometer
FLK-VT04AFluke VT04A Visual IR Thermometer


Batteries, Chargers & Adapters
Model NameDescription
Fluke VT04 ChargerReplacement Charger for the Fluke VT04 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Fluke VT04 BatteryReplacement Li-ion Rechargeable Battery for the VT04
Cases & Holsters
Model NameDescription
Fluke C195Fluke C195 Case
Fluke C550Fluke C550 Tool Bag
Fluke C90Fluke C90 Soft Case for DMM and Visual IR Thermometers
FLK-VT04-HARD CASEFluke VT04 Hard Case



Knowledge and Information

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