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Medical thermal imaging is a common modality to screen neuromusculoskeletal injury, inflammatory disorder, breast cancer, and circulatory pathology. The infrared thermal imaging system can indicate developing disease states earlier than any anatomical examinations. It is highly accurate and 100% safe. IRIS-XP visually indicates chronic pain, disease processes, and treatment effectiveness. IRIS-XP can also identify sources of pain involving the neuromuscular and circulatory systems. The thermal image abnormality can be detected before symptoms become apparent as the internal organ reflect itself onto the skin surface.


1. Getting real time infrared image using Focal Plane Array (FTA).
2. High accurate thermal resolution with TEC (Thermal Electric Cooler) system.
3. Real time measurement & recording.
4. Patient friendly and portable device. Camera & console can be separated.
5. Easy and convenient to tilt the camera for focusing using a software.
6. Scientific interpretation ability based on academic studies.