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Accumac / Reading / AM1968 Capsule SPRT

AM1968 Capsule SPRT

· Rtpw Drift < 1 mK after thermal cycle

· Temperature range: -260 °C (13K) to 100 °C (373K)

· Short term stability < 1 mK

· Nominal Rtpw: 25 ohm at 0 °C

AM1968 Platinum Capsule SPRT covers temperatures from -260°C to 100 °C. The capsule construction makes this SPRT a preferred primary standard for cryogenic applications and other applications where space is limited or stem conduction is a concern for a long stem SPRT.

The sensing element is made of pure platinum wires with a temperature coefficient of 0.003925Ω/Ω/°C. The coiled platinum wires are mounted in a way that is strain free and enclosed in a platinum capsule, which is sealed by glass.

The special sealing glass has a thermal expansion coefficient that matches with that of the platinum wire to ensure the capsule SPRT is sealed permanently in the entire temperature range. A uniquely designed support structure provides excellent performances of stability, mechanical shock, and thermal cycle performance. The SPRT achieves a high level of stability and repeatability in performance and fully meets ITS-90 criteria for reference thermometers


· Temperature range: -260 °C to 100 °C

· Long term drift: <0.003°C at TPW after 1 year, <0.001°C typical

· Short term stability: 0.001°C at 0.01°C

· Temperature Coefficient 0.003925 Ω/Ω/°C

· W(Ga)>=1.11807

· W(Hg)<=0.844235

· Platinum sheath

Temperature Range -260°C to 100°C
Resistance at 0.01 °C Nominal 25 Ω
Temperature Coefficient 0.003925 Ω/ Ω/°C
Drift of R(tpw)* < 0.003°C at TPW after 1 year, < 0.001°C typical
Short Term Stability ±0.001°C
Thermal Shock ±0.001°C after thermal cycles from minimum to maximum temperatures
Self-heating 0.0015 °C at 1 mA current
Resistance Ratios W(Ga)>=1.11807, W(Hg)<=0.844235
Measurement Current 1 mA
Sensor Length 42 mm
Filling Gas Helium
Sheath Material Platinum
Dimension Sheath diameter 5mm, glass head diameter 7mm, length 60mm
External Leads Teflontm –4 platinum wires, 30mm

Model Description
9007 Carrying Case