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Accumac / Reading / AM8010 Handheld Thermometer

AM8010 Handheld Thermometer

· Accuracy up to ±0.03°C

· Resolution 0.001°C

· Dual power supply

· USB interface for real time data saving and displaying on PC


AM8010 is a handheld digital thermometer with high accuracy, fast readings and great stability. This readout is perfect for field applications as well as lab measurement. Though small in size, AM8010 is powerful when it comes to accuracy, which can be as high as 0.01 °C at 0 °C. A USB interface allows user to log and display real time data on a PC.

AM8010 digital thermometer allows users to choose ITS-90, IEC-751 (DIN), or Callendar-Van Dusen conversion methods to response various PRTs. All probe constants and coefficients can be keyed in through front panel. This portable readout is a powerful device with relative small price.


- High accuracy: ±0.03 °C at 0 °C

- High resolution: 0.01 °C

- Temperature range: -200 °C to 850 °C

- Work with PRTs with α=0.00385 and α=0.003925

- ITS-90, CVD, IEC-751

- 2.7 inch LCD display

- Full-size Touchpad for function control

- Temperature can be displayed in °C, °F or ohm.

- Flexible interface with user key-in coefficients

- USB interface for real time data saving and displaying on PC

- Dual power supply with batteries or external power adaptor/computer USB interface

Temperature Range -200°C to 850°C, depending on PRT used
Accuracy (meter only) ±0.04°C @ -200°C
±0.03°C @ 0°C
±0.04°C @ 232°C
±0.05°C @ 420°C
±0.06°C @ 660°C
±0.07°C @ 850°C
Resolution 0.01°C (0.001 Ω) over full range
Stability ±0.01°C
Probe 100 Ω RTD, PRT or SPRT
Characterizations ITS-90 coefficients, Callender Van Dusen coefficients, IEC-751 (DIN 385)
Sample Interval 1 second
Display 2.7 inch LCD
Display Units °C, °F, Ω
Excitation Current 1 mA, reversing
Operation Range 15 °C to 35 °C
Thermometer Input Connectors 5-pin plug
Power Requirements 100-240 V
Dimension 141mm (L) X 25 mm (H) X 89 mm (W)
Weight 0.2 kg (0.5 lbs)
Battery Life 90 hours

Model Description
1610-12/9/6 Precision Industrial PRT, -60°C to 160°C
1620-12/9/6 Precision industrial PRT, -60°C to 300°C
1640-12 Precision industrial PRT, -200°C to420°C
1660-12 Precision industrial PRT, -200°C to 670°C
1730-12 Secondary Reference PRT, -200°C to 420°C
1750-12/20 Secondary Reference PRT, -200°C to 670°C