6054/6055 Deep-Well Baths




Product Description

6054/6055 Deep-Well Baths

The Model 6055, operating up to 550 °C, uses molten salts with a pumping system for maintaining the necessary consistent fluid level required for liquid-in-glass thermometer calibrations. A viewing channel is built into the top cover for a clear visual path to your glass thermometers.

The 6055 also has an optional thermometer carousel for holding several glass thermometers in the correct calibration position without exposing them to the hot salts in the bath. The Model 2018 Carousel is completely constructed of stainless steel and has an elevated handle for rotating your thermometers to the viewing position.

These deep-well baths are built to the same performance standards as all Fluke Calibration baths, which means you can’t find another bath that has better stability or uniformity.


Extra-deep wells for thermometry work requiring extra tank depth and ultimate stability

  • Constant liquid levels through concentric-tube design
  • Special design for sighting LIG thermometers
  • Depth up to 60 cm (24 in)
  • Optional interface packages control all settings

The models 6054 and 6055 have extra-deep wells for use with liquid-in-glass thermometers, SPRT calibrations, or other thermometry work requiring extra tank depth. They were originally designed for NIST.

Well depths vary from 17 to 24 inches to eliminate stem conduction effects in probes that require more than 12 inches of immersion. Originally developed for a national standards lab, these baths are optimized for the visual calibration of liquid-in-glass thermometers.


Model 6054 6055
Range 50 °C to 300 °C 200 °C to 550 °C
Stability ±0.003 °C at 100 °C (oil 5012)
±0.005 °C at 300 °C (oil 5017)
±0.003 °C at 200 °C (salt)
±0.01 °C at 550 °C (salt)
Uniformity ±0.007 °C at 100 °C (oil 5012)
±0.015 °C at 300 °C (oil 5017)
±0.005 °C at 200 °C (salt)
±0.010 °C at 550 °C (salt)
Temperature Setting Digital display with push-button data entry
Set-Point Resolution 0.01 °C, high res. 0.00018 °C
Display Temperature Resolution 0.01 °C
Digital Setting Accuracy ±1 °C
Digital Setting Repeatability ±0.01 °C
Heaters 250 to 1000 W 225 to 1800 W
Working Area 196 mm dia. (7.7 in) 107 mm dia. (4.2 in)
Depth 610 mm deep (24 in), 196 mm dia. (7.7 in), removable SST lid 432 mm deep (17 in), 107 mm dia. (4.2 in), removable SST lid, special viewing channel for LIG sighting
Wetted Parts 304 Stainless Steel
Power 230 VAC (±10 %), 50/60 Hz, 10.7 A 230 VAC (±10 %), 50/60 Hz, 7.8 A
Volume 50 liters (13.2 gal.) 19.8 liters (5.2 gal., 43 kg [95 lb.] of bath salt)
Size (DxWxH) 572 x 762 x 1219 mm to working surface (22.5 x 30 x 48 in), 1422 mm (56 in) to top of stir motor box, 914 mm (36 in) to control panel 572 x 775 x 1219 mm to working surface (22.5 x 30.5 x 48 in), 1524 mm (60 in) to top of stir motor box, 914 mm (36 in) to control panel
Distance from Line of Sight to Top of Fluid 15.9 mm (5/8 in)
Automation Use the 1586A Super-DAQ to automate temperature sensor calibration

Models and Accessories

Model Name Description
6054 Mid-Range Deep-Well Bath
6055 Hi-Temp Deep-Well Bath

Accessories common to all models  :

Accessory Description
Calibration Bath Fluids Full line of bath fluids
2018 Carousel Holding Fixture for 6055
2069 Magnifying Scope for Liquid-in-Glass Thermometer Calibration

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