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The Additel 770 Low Pressure Controller is a new affordable controller to calibrate low pressure sensors, transducers, gauges and transmitters. This controller comes with a built-in pump that allows for stand-alone pressure generation without the need for an external supply. The Additel 770 is supplied with an internal quartz-base pressure transducer with dual-range selection of  ±30 inH2O(75mbar)or ±60 inH2O(150mbar). Utilizing multiple ranges with a single sensor design, allow you to achieve a 0.01%FS precision over the dual range selection. The Auto-range feature of the 770 will automatically select and switch the sensor range based on the set point pressure selected. This feature ensures you get the best accuracy and stability performance as you move throughout the range of the instrument.

There are two models for this Low pressure Controller. The Additel770S is the standard controller option without any electrical measurement capability. The Additel 770 has expanded functionality including electrical measurement and HART and Profibus PA communication.




• Fully automated pressure generation and control with integrated pump

• Selectable dual-range of ±30 inH2O(75mbar)or ±60 inH2O(150mbar)

• Accuracy to 0.01%FS

•Control stability of 0.003%FS

• External pressure modules available

• WIFI enabled communications

• Fully temperature compensated accuracy over 0°C to 50°C

• HART Communication and Profibus PA

• Large7-inch color touch screen display

• Easy-to-use icon based user interface




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