Additel 875

• Temperature range from 40°C to 660°C

• Portable,rugged,and quick to temperature

• Metrology-level performance in stability, uniformity,accuracy and loading effect

• Dual-zone control

• Process calibrator option provides a multi-channel readout for a reference thermometer,RTDs and TCs,task documentation, and HART Communication

• Color touch screen display

• Choose your own range option

• Set point control by reference

• Self-calibration feature

• ISO 17025-accredited calibration w/data included





If you are serious about portable temperature calibration tools, then you know a good dry well calibrator is more than just a stable heat source. The Additel 875 Series Dry Well Calibrators combine excellent performance in stability, radial and axial uniformity. And loading with speed, ruggedness and portability. But we don’t stop there! The Process Calibrator option adds the capabilities of a three-channel thermometer readout and a documenting process calibrator. We’ve also incorporated a unique option to select your own temperature range within the range of the model selected. We’re calling this the CYOR option or Choose Your Own Range option. When you purchase the CYOR option, you pick the upper and lower temperature range needed and we calibrate and optimize the dry well’s performance over your selected range. Each unit has a color touch screen display, dual-zone control, and much more. You are just going to love these new dry wells!


Process Calibrator Option

Each model offer has a Process Calibrator(PC)option. This process calibrator option combines the many features found in a HART documenting process calibrator with the temperature dry well. This option includes the ability to measure a reference PRT and two device under test channels which can measure, mA, voltage, switch, RTD or thermocouple. In addition to these measurement functions, this calibrator has full documenting capability of creating tasks, saving as found and as left results, and HART communication. The snap shot feature allows you to capture all information displayed on the screen with the push of a button. This unit also allow for data logging of all channels on an auto step function and a ramp function. By utilizing the reference PRT, you can select to control to the dry well set point using the internal sensor or the external reference PRT.


Self Calibration

We believe using an external reference probe as your standard is the best way to perform your temperature calibration. But we also recognize this method is not always necessary or convenient and depending on the application, using the internal control sensor would be preferred. Traditionally, the internal control sensor has a wide accuracy which can largely be contributed to its long-term drift. We’ve built-in a self calibration feature allowing you to run an automated calibration of the internal control sensor using your external reference. With literally a few selections the calibration will run automatically giving you a fresh, traceable calibration of the control sensor which will improve its accuracy as you will not have to account for its long term drift when used as the reference.




Specification 875-155 875-350 875-660
Temperature Range at 23℃ -40°C to 155°C 33°C to 350°C 33°C to 660°C
Display Accuracy ±0.18°C at Full Range ±0.2°C at Full Range ±0.3°C at 33°C
±0.3°C at 420°C
±0.5°C at 660°C
Stability (30 min) ±0.01°C at Full Range ±0.02°C at Full Range ±0.02°C at 33°C
±0.03°C at 50°C
±0.04°C at 420°C
±0.04°C at 660°C
Axial Uniformity at 60 mm (2.4 in) ±0.07°C at Full Range ±0.04°C at 33°C ±0.05°C at 33°C
±0.1°C at 200°C ±0.3°C at 420°C
±0.2°C at 350°C ±0.5°C at 660°C
Radial Uniformity ±0.01°C at Full Range ±0.01°C at 33°C ±0.02°C at 33°C
±0.015°C at 200°C ±0.05°C at 420°C
±0.02°C at 350°C ±0.1°C at 660°C
Loading Effect ±0.1°C (Display Sensor) ±0.15°C (Display Sensor) ±0.15°C (Display Sensor)
±0.02°C (External Sensor) ±0.015°C (External Sensor) ±0.025°C (External Sensor)
Hysteresis (Display Sensor) 0.025°C 0.03°C 0.1°C
Environmental Conditions 8°C to 38°C guaranteed accuracy
0°C to 50°C, 0% to 90% RH non-condensing, 3000 M altitude for normal operation
Storage Conditions -20°C to 60°C
IP Rating IP20
Immersion Depth 150 mm (5.9 in)
Insert OD 25.8 mm (1.02 in) 24.8 mm (0.98 in)
Heating Time 13 min: -40°C to 155°C 5 min: 33°C to 350°C 15 min: 33°C to 660°C
5 min: -40°C to 23°C
8 min: 23°C to 155°C
Cooling Time 28 min: 155°C to -40°C 15 min: 350°C to 100°C 23 min: 660°C to 100°C
8 min: 155°C to 23°C 10 min: 100°C to 50°C 12 min: 100°C to 50°C
20 min: 23°C to -40°C 10 min: 50°C to 33°C 12 min: 50°C to 33°C
Typical Time to Stability 10 min
Resolution 0.01°C
Units °C, °F, and K
Display 6.5 in (165 mm) color touch screen
Size (H x W x D) 320 x 170 x 330 mm (12.6 x 6.7 x 13.0 in)
Weight 9.9 kg (21.8 lbs) 8.2 kg (18.1 lbs)
Power Requirements 90-254 VAC, 45-65 Hz, 580 W 90-254 VAC, 45-65 Hz, 1200 W
Mechanical Testing Vibration: 2 g (10-500 Hz), 30 min for 2 sides
Impact: 4 g three times
Drop test: 500 mm (19.6 in)
Communication USB A, USB B, RJ45, WiFi, Bluetooth
Localization English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Italian, and Spanish
Warranty 1 year
Specification Description
Readout Accuracy for 100 ohm PRT (Probe Accuracy Not Included) ±0.009°C at -40°C
±0.010°C at 0°C
±0.012°C at 50°C
±0.017°C at 155°C
±0.019°C at 200°C
±0.026°C at 350°C
±0.030°C at 420°C
±0.042°C at 660°C
Readout Resolution 1 mΩ
Reference Resistance Range 0 Ω to 400 Ω
Reference Resistance Accuracy 0 Ω to 50 Ω: 0.002 Ω
50 Ω to 400 Ω: 0.004% RD
Reference Characterizations ITS-90, CVD, IEC-751, Resistance
Reference Measurement Capability 4-wire PRT
Reference Probe Connection 6-pin lemo smart connector
RTD Channels 2
RTD Measurement Accuracy (excl sensor) Compliance 0 Ω to 25 Ω: 0.002 Ω
25 Ω to 400 Ω: 0.004% RD
400 Ω to 4K Ω: 0.008% RD
RTD Measurement Resolution 0 Ω to 400 Ω: 1 mΩ
400 Ω to 4K Ω: 0.01 Ω
RTD Measurement Resistance Range 0 Ω to 4K Ω
RTD Characterizations PT10, PT25, PT50, PT100, PT200, PT500, PT1000, CU10, CU50, CU100, NI100, NI120
RTD Connection Four 4 mm input jacks
RTD Channels 2 channels. Both accept 2, 3, or 4-wire RTDs
TC Channel 2
TC Measurement Channels Mini TC terminals: Accepting S, R, K, B, N, E, J, T, C, D, G, L, and U
TC Measurement Accuracy (excl sensor) Type K: ±0.13°C at 0°C ±0.15°C at 155°C ±0.18°C at 350°C ±0.24°C at 660°C
TC Range –100 mV to 100 mV
TC Resolution 0.001 mV, Input Impedance<1 MΩ
TC Voltage Accuracy 0.02% RD + 5 µV
Internal CJC Accuracy ±0.35°C (ambient from 0 °C to 50 °C)
Current Range –30 mA to 30 mA
Current Accuracy 0.02% RD + 2 µA
Current Resolution 0.001 mA, Input Impedance: < 10Ω
Voltage Range –30 V to 30 V
Voltage Accuracy ±0.02% RD + 2 mV
Voltage Resolution 0.001V; Input impedance: < 1MΩ
Switch Test Mechanical or Electrical
DC 24V Output 24 V ±1 V, MAX60 mA
Hart Communication Optional (ADT875PC Model)
Documentation Up to 1,000 tasks which store up to 10 results each containing as found and as left data. Snap shot feature allows for screen captures. Records auto step and ramp functions.
Temperature Coefficient 0℃ to 8℃ and 38℃ to 50℃ ADT875(PC)-155: ±0.005 °C/°C
ADT875(PC)-350/660: ±0.01 °C/°C
Ref Readout: ±1 ppm FS/°C
RTD Readouts: ±2 ppm FS/°C
TC Readouts: ±5 ppm FS/°C
Current: ±10 ppm FS/°C
Voltage: ±10 ppm FS/°C
TC Type Temperature (°C) Error (°C)[1] TC Type Temperature (°C) Error (°C)[1]
B 250 ±2 L -40 ±0.1
350 ±1.44 0 ±0.1
660 ±0.84 155 ±0.12
C 0 ±0.38 350 ±0.16
155 ±0.34 660 ±0.21
350 ±0.33 N -40 ±0.2
660 ±0.38 0 ±0.2
D 0 ±0.52 155 ±0.19
155 ±0.37 350 ±0.2
350 ±0.33 660 ±0.24
660 ±0.36 R -40 ±1.23
E -40 ±0.09 0 ±0.95
0 ±0.09 155 ±0.63
155 ±0.1 350 ±0.56
350 ±0.13 660 ±0.54
660 ±0.19 S -40 ±1.16
G 0 ±3.85 0 ±0.93
155 ±0.71 155 ±0.65
350 ±0.43 350 ±0.6
660 ±0.36 660 ±0.6
J -40 ±0.1 T -40 ±0.14
0 ±0.1 0 ±0.13
155 ±0.12 155 ±0.13
350 ±0.16 350 ±0.15
660 ±0.21 400 ±0.15
K -40 ±0.13 U -40 ±0.14
0 ±0.13 0 ±0.13
155 ±0.16 155 ±0.13
350 ±0.19 350 ±0.14
660 ±0.25 600 ±0.17
[1] Excluding cold junction compensation errors.



File name Upload Date Size
Additel 875 Dry Well Calibrator Datasheet 2018.5.4 5 MB
Additel 875 Dry Well Calibrator User Manual 2019.4.2 4.2 MB

Update Packages:

File name Upload Date Size
Additel 875 Firmware Update Package 2020.2.18 11 MB
HART Temperature Library Update Package 2019.6.5 50.7 MB
HART Pressure Library Update Package 2019.6.5 138.4 MB


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