Constant Volume Valve




Product Description

Constant Volume Valve

The constant volume valve  is used in piston gauge crossfloats and other applications in which two high pressures need to be disconnected and reconnected with minimal purturbations on either side.


Fluke Calibration’s constant volume valve is a pneumatically actuated needle valve with a return line connecting the inlet to a coaxial compensator. Needle displacement is matched by an equal and opposite volume displacement on the compensator.


Constant Volume Valve General Specifications

Port A connection DH200-2*
Port B connection DH200-2*
Drive air connection (to open valve) -32 UNF F
Operating fluid Oil
Maximum line pressure 200 MPa (30,000 psi)
Maximum differential pressure on Port A or Port B 200 MPa (30,000 psi)
Drive air pressure required to open valve
With zero differential <500 kPa (70 psi)
With 200 MPa differential, Port A <400 kPa (60 psi)
With 200 MPa differential, Port B 750 kPa (110 psi)
Maximum drive air pressure 850 kPa (125 psi)
Typical change in volume on port A or B when the valve is opened or closed <0.2 mm

* DH200-2 is equivalent to HIP HF2 for 1/8 in. OD, coned and threaded stainless steel tube.

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Constant Volume Valve Constant Volume Valve

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