GB-H-152 Gas Booster Package




Product Description

GB-H-152 Gas Booster Package

GB-H-152-70M and GB-H-152-100M models include a pneumatically driven, piston type, self-cycling gas booster with regulated output to provide the PPCH-G high pressure supply. The gas booster boosts a lower pressure usually supplied from a bottle, to higher pressure. The high pressure gas is stored in an accumulator volume to assure stable supply to the PPCH-G. GB-H-152-70M has a maximum output pressure of 100 MPa (15 000 psi). GB-H-152-100M has a maximum output of 120 MPa (18,000 psi).

Both models also include an independent low pressure output to supply the PPCH-G drive air requirement.

With a GB-H-152 gas booster, all of the PPCH-G pressure supply requirements are taken care of in one simple package requiring only the connection of a test gas source and a drive air supply to power the booster.


  • Designed to provide a regulated high pressure gas output to PPCH-G
  • Two regulators allowing control of two independent pressure outputs
  • Two high pressure output ranges:
    – GB-H-152-70M : pressure up to 15,000 psi(100 MPa) to supply PPCH-G-70M
    – GB-H-152-100M : pressure up 18,000 psi (120 MPa) to supply PPCH-G-100M


GB-H-152-70M and GB-H-152-100M are gas booster packages intended to be used to provide the gas pressure supplies required by Fluke Calibration PPCH-G controller/calibrators for high pressure gas.


GB-H-152 Gas Booster Package General Specifications
Dimensions 50 cm (20 in.) H x 57 (22.5 in.) W x 30 (12 in.) D
Weight 44.4 kg (98 lb)
Drive air pressure supply
Range 0.15 to 1 MPa (20 to 150 psi)
Flow 425 to 2 125 slm (15 to 75 scfm)
Test gas pressure supply
Range 4.8 to 40 MPa (700 to 6 000 psi)
Flow 140 to 560 slm (5 to 20 scfm)
Output pressure
GB-H-152-70M 0.70 to 100 MPa (400 to 15 000 psi)
GB-H-152-100M 0.35 to 120 MPa (200 to 17 400 psi)
Operating media air, helium, nitrogen
Pressure Connections
Drive Air Supply 1/4 in. NPT female
Shop Drive out 1/4 in. Swage
Test Gas Pressure Supply 1/8 in. NPT female
High Pressure Out DH500F (DH500 is a gland and collar type fitting for 1/4 in. (6.35 mm) coned and left hand threaded tube. DH500 is equivalent to AE F250C, HIP HF4, etc.)
Nominal Gas Booster Piston Ratio 152:1
High Pressure Accumulator Volume 150 cc (9.2 in.3)

Models and Accessories

Model Name Description
GB-H-152-70M Gas Booster Package that provides pressure up to 15,000 psi(100 MPa) to supply PPCH-G-70M
GB-H-152-100M Gas Booster Package that provides pressure up 18,000 psi (120 MPa) to supply PPCH-G-100M

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