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Meteorological Station
Airport weather stations, meteorological towers, rooftop installations and any application with continuous data monitoring.


  • Designed for continuous data monitoring applications
  • Available with dew point, enthalpy or other calculated parameters
  • Supply voltage: 15…40VDC or 12…28VAC
  • Two analog outputs (4..20 mA, 0…5V, etc.) permit signal transmission over long distances
  • Fully interchangeable plug-in HC2-S3 probe with durable, field proven ROTRONIC Hygromer humidity sensor.
  • Operating temperature limits at probe: -50 to +100°C
  • User configurable
  • Software based probe calibration with certified humidity standards.
  • Includes natural aspiration radiation shield and mounting plate suitable for 1.5″ diameter pole.
  • Optional foam filter allows sensors to operate in coastal and marine environments. Aluminum enclosure is treated with special marine coating.


HFM53 – Manual (467.67 KB)6/22/2016