Product Description

The UL101 ultrasound detector and InCTRL mobile & cloud software are used to record, analyze, trend, and more. Data acquisition, comparison, and reporting is completed instantly.




Bearings and gears should be smooth, with little impact.








A bearing can begin to show wear early in the ultrasonic signature. The amplitude increases slightly as indicated by the RMS level. However, impacts start to appear. The test point is beginning to exhibit ultrasound characteristics outside of those that are normally expected.






Impacts are more pronounced and erratic with respect to the baseline, indicating early signs of excessive wear. The test point is exhibiting ultrasound characteristics that may warrant further investigation.




Under Lubricated
A huge increase to the RMS level (amplitude) and rough sounds indicate under lubrication. Routine maintenance helps minimize the impact if the UL101 and InCTRL are used for routine monitoring and subsequent actions are taken to resolve the issue.





Trending & Comparison

Recorded wave files can be compared with respect to baseline recordings or to a set threshold. Once the RMS (root mean squared) calculation exceeds the threshold, the bearing is marked as “flagged,” and an email is automatically sent to notify others that an action needs to be taken.



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