MET/CAL® Calibration Management Software



Product Description

The complete solution for automating and managing your calibration workload

Calibration labs have their share of challenges: an increasing and more complex workload; fewer technicians; a growing list of quality standards. Above all, there is constant pressure to reduce costs. Fluke calibration software helps you meet those challenges by calibrating and managing your workload more efficiently and consistently.

MET/CAL® calibration management software includes MET/CAL® Procedure Editor and Runtime for automated calibration; plus MET/TEAM® » software for calibration work flow and asset management.

The MET/CAL and MET/TEAM » suite of software provide you with all the tools you need to:

  • Perform automated calibration on all kinds of test and measurement tools and equipment, including dc/lf, RF and microwave instruments.
  • Create, edit, test, and document calibration procedures, quickly and easily.
  • Configure and report a wider range of measurement uncertainty parameters and include verification data to provide an audit trail and support further analysis.
  • Track asset information including work order history and status, traceability, users, customers, and location.
  • Analyze and report asset information; produce customized printed certificates and reports.
  • Make data available to other corporate systems.
  • Import asset and calibration data into MET/TEAM software
  • Help meet the requirements of quality standards like ISO 9000, ISO/IEC 17025, NRC 10 CFR, ANSI Z540.3, and others.

With all of these capabilities, Fluke Calibration software offers the most comprehensive calibration automation solution available. And we back it up with the MET/SUPPORT Gold software support program to help keep you as productive as possible. Fluke Calibration also offers a variety of installation, training, and customization services to help you utilize the power of the MET/CAL and MET/TEAM » software suite.

Join the worldwide community of calibration professionals who have discovered the value of MET/CAL for increasing throughput and managing calibration assets more efficiently.


Big productivity benefits with a new intuitive interface in version 9


  • Automate calibration of a wide range of electrical and RF calibration standards and test equipment
  • Templates help you perform, record and report on manual calibration tests

Improve productivity

  • Increase workflow throughout up to 80% compared to manual approach
  • Reduce time to calibrate spectrum analyzer equipment from 11 hours to 1 or 2

Perform controlled, consistent tests

  • Create validated calibration procedures
  • Comprehensive library of thousands of automation procedures
  • Store all test parameters and traceability

Comply with standards

  • Help you meet the regulatory requirements of quality standards like ISO 9000, ISO.IEC 17025, ANSI Z540.3, and others
  • Create calibration certificates

Eliminate errors

  • Eliminate the risk of human errors that can occur when a technician adjusts outputs or records data manually

Models and Accessories

Model Name Description
MET/CAL-TL License, Additional MET/CAL (TEAM)
MET/TEAM-L License, Additional MET/TEAM
MET/CAL/TEAMXP Software, MET/CAL with MET/TEAM Express
MET/TEAMXP-L License, Additional MET/TEAM Express
MET/TEAM PORTAL Module, MET/TEAM Customer Portal
MET/TEAM PORT-L100 License, Additional MET/TEAM Customer Portal (pack of 100)

Accessories common to all models :

Accessory Closed loop procedure serial connectivity kit
Warranted procedures for MET/CAL® Plus MET/CAL® warranted procedures are optional calibration procedures for MET/CAL® Plus Calibration Software.


96270A RF Reference Source and MET/CAL Software: Calibrating a Spectrum Analyzer (Long Version)

96270A RF Reference Source and MET/CAL Software: Calibrating a Spectrum Analyzer (Short Version)

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