PowerBeam 300 Attachment


Product Description

PowerBeam 300

The PowerBeam 300 accurately pinpoints source of ultrasound to within 1 degree from center and improves the sensitivity of the UL101. The “PB300” was originally designed for the indication and location of corona discharge and arcing on medium/high voltage transformers.

The PB300’s ability to pinpoint ultrasound is very useful when finding compressed air/gas or steam leaks in pipes located on high ceilings. There is no need to get a ladder or scissor lift.

Power Transmission
Corona discharge is a major contributor to energy loss and also Radio Frequency Interference

Electrical Inspection
Arcing – indication that a failure has occurred
Tracking – detectable even when infrared cannot

Leak Detection
Find leaks from further away and pinpoint to exact source without use of a scissor lift.

Steam Leaks/Traps
Detect leaks and operation from a safe distance.


Distance of Reception  :  up to 300 ft

Threshold of Sensitivity  :  0 dB SPL

Resonance Frequency  :  40 kHz +/- 1 kHz

Operating Temperature  :  -4° to +130° F
Operating Temperature  :  (-20° to +54° C)

Power Supply  :  standard AAA battery (x 2)

Battery Life  :  30 continuous hours


Power Transmission – switch gear, transformers, etc.
Electrical Inspection – arcing, tracking, corona discharge
Leak Detection (Vacuum & Pressurized)
Steam Trap / Leak Inspection


Energy Savings
Corona Discharge
Electrical Arcing & Tracking to Prevent Arc Flash
Time Savings
Cost Savings vs. Corona Camera


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