PressCal Software




Product Description

PressCal Software

  • Menu-driven, easy-to-use software
  • Maintain multiple deadweight tester files
  • Pressure equivalent calculations with all corrections applied
  • Automatic generation of calibration certificates
  • Pre-loaded calibration data
  • Twelve pressure units
  • Windows 95 or higher running on a 486 PC (minimum)


PressCal is a menu driven software program for pressure calculation and certificate generation using a deadweight tester as the pressure source. This software has been developed as a flexible working tool to make calibrations quicker, easier and more accurate. PressCal allows users to apply all necessary corrections (local gravity, pressure head, temperature, etc.) to enhance the performance of the deadweight tester. Calibration details are then stored and/or automatically inserted into a calibration certificate.

Models and Accessories

Model Name Description
PressCal Software Pressure Calibration Software

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