Probe Support Hardware





Mechanical support for probes

When setting up a new calibration bath, you need a way to suspend your probes in the bath fluid. We recommend our modular mechanical support systems. Made of fine-quality steel and machined parts, these support components combine in hundreds of ways to solve almost any probe suspension problem

Single probe kit

Our single probe kit is a good way to get started. It has one medium clamp, one 10-inch rod, one bosshead, and one V-base for holding one probe.

Economy kit

Our economy kit includes two V-bases, one 29-inch stainless steel rod, two 23-inch rods, five bossheads, two micro-clamps, and one medium clamp. This will build a bench-mounted frame for suspending one rod and three clamps over a bath opening. Simply add to your setup as needed. Choose from any of the listed accessories. 

Individual hardware

Our selection of clamps and stands provides a simple way to hold probes and thermometers in baths during calibration. System components can be assembled in a number of ways to suit individual needs. Select clamps, rods, bossheads, and bases to fit your individual needs.

Models and Accessories

Model Name Description
2051 Single Probe Kit
Includes :

  • 1 medium clamp
  • 1 10-inch rod
  • 1 bosshead
  • 1 V-base
2050 Economy Kit 
Includes : 

  • 2 V-bases
  • 1 29-inch stainless steel rod
  • 2 23-inch rods
  • 5 bossheads
  • 2 micro-clamps
  • 1 medium clamp
2055 Micro-Clamps (package of 2)
Holds the thermometers and probes with diameters to 0.75 inch
2056 Medium Clamp (package of 1)
Holds diameters up to 1.75 inches
2057 Non-Slip Tape (1 roll)
Increases grip on clamps and bossheads
2058 Stainless Steel Rods (package of 1)
10 inches
Used to assemble supports, frameworks, or scaffolds
2059 Stainless Steel Rods (package of 1)
20 inches
Used to assemble supports, frameworks, or scaffolds
2060 Stainless Steel Rods (package of 1)
23 inches
Used to assemble supports, frameworks, or scaffolds
2061 Stainless Steel Rods (package of 1)
29 inches
Used to assemble supports, frameworks, or scaffolds
2062 Bossheads (package of 5)
Clamps two rods at right angles. Also attaches clamps to rods
2063 Screw Bases (package of 4)
Holds one rod and is screwed to the surface of your bench or bath lid. 2.5-inch-diameter base; screws included
2064 V-Base (package of 1)
Holds one rod. Weighted for excellent stability. 1 kg (2.2 lb)
2065 Large V-Base (package of 1)
Same as 2064 but larger. Recommended for holding SPRTs and large probes. 2 kg (4.4 lb). (May be too large for some baths.)

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