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WinPrompt Software

Our WinPrompt software helps automate the process of performing piston gauge calibrations. WinPrompt performs all required calculations to inform the operator of the required mass load to generate a desired pressure.

Multi-point calibration procedures can be created, saved, and recalled for repetitive calibrations. Data can be exported to create customized calibration reports and certificates. When coupled with the Model 2456 Piston Gauge Monitor, WinPrompt also enhances measurement precision and consistency of critical piston gauge parameters including piston temperature, float position, sink rate, air density, vacuum and other variables.

Although WinPrompt can be used alone, we highly recommend use with the Model 2456 PGM.


  • Automates piston gauge calibrations
  • Monitors critical piston gauge parameters – real time
  • Dual channel capability for cross float calibrations
  • Windows based software


Hardware Requirements Minimum 80386 33 MHz processor; 8 MB RAM; program requires 2 MB available hard disk space and available RS232 interface.
Software Requirements Microsoft Windows version 3.1 or later. Also compatible with Windows NT.

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WinPrompt Calibration Software

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